Audacity is a free sound editing and recording application.
Audacity can import and export WAV, MP3 , Ogg Vorbis, and other file formats. It also supports sound recording.
Sounds can be edited via cut, copy and paste, with unlimited undo operations. Sounds can be modified using a range of effects, including distortion, pitch shift, echo, and noise removal.
 New Features
Bug fixes for:
  • Too much audio exported when exporting partial selections
  • Exports via FFmpeg corrupted if included metadata; M4A now supports metadata export
  • Nyquist plug-ins did not add labels to an existing label track
  • Crash opening Preferences when no audio devices available
  • Timer Record and Sound Activated Recording bugs
  • (Windows)  Installer now installs correctly over previous Audacity versions
  • Miscellaneous crashes and interface issues
  • (Windows)  Higher resolution icon file
  • New Sound Finder plug-in for labelling regions of audio
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