Five must-have FREE apps for Windows PC maintenancePossibly one of the best free Windows applications of all time is CCleaner by Piriform Ltd. I utterly swear by this application and after setting up a new system, installing drivers and stability testing, it is always the first program I install.
CCleaner is a hugely popular free application which safely removes left over files, old registry entries and it even comes with a start-up manager to stop programs loading on Windows start-up as well as a basic uninstall manager. Not only does CCleaner remove left over files, but it also helps delete files Windows creates that are not needed and can free up a LOT of disk space - such as Memory Dumps, Windows Error Reporting and Windows log files.

I recommend you run this program at least once a day and not only do the file cleaner, but also the registry cleaner at the same time. It will go a long way to help keeping your Windows PC running smoothly and also freeing up important disk space on your system.

ANOTHER TIP: Windows also has a very basic built-in file cleaner called "Disk Cleanup", but that is pretty useless once you have CCleaner installed. However, a slightly hidden option is under "More Options" (as you can see above) and what we want to do is free up disk space by removing old System Restore files.
 Go to My Computer, right click on your master Local Disk drive and click "Properties" and then "Disk Cleanup". Now click the "More Options" tab and then the bottom "Clean up..." and then "Delete" and it will remove all but the last system restore file. During our test, we managed to free up almost 30GB of space and this was on a PC with a Windows install only a month or so old. You can expect better results with an older Windows install

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