What can unite people of differing appearance, character, temperament, and even a race? Not much: good shape, excellent knowledge of various martial arts and the presence of the enemy who must be crushed. The bitter struggle of the best warriors of the world for the championship in the Street Fighter tournament ended a year ago. Street life goes on. And only almost invisible and seemingly unrelated to each other accidents occasionally violate the general peace of mind, being black messengers of change: the future domination of the drug and arms traffickers.In the PC-version of Street Fighter IV will be presented to various online multiplayer modes. Three new graphic style - a poster, watercolor and traditional Japanese sumi-e drawing - significantly change the visual look of the game
Game features:
• Sedin in his beard: Street Fighter IV retained all the advantages of previous versions, liked by millions of players: hundreds of fights taking place in the two-dimensional mode, many individual characteristics of heroes and a wide selection of multiplayer modes.
• The devil in the ribs: Fighting reached a new level of graphics. Heroes take the form, appearance and plasticity of these masters of martial arts. Surrounding landscape enriched by many details and colors. Retaining enthusiasm and temperament predecessor, Street Fighter has become a new generation of more dynamic and interesting.

ScreenShots of the Game


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