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After My Previous Post Virtua Tennis 4 2011 Mediafire Links for PC and Xbox I am back with a Street Racing Game.

Road Rash 3, the final title in the violent racing/combat series, plays about like its pair of popular predecessors, but players can now collect up to seven weapons (including a cattle prod and mace) at once. Despite this upgrade, it's now harder to hit other bikers, and there are still just five courses. Still, minor setbacks notwithstanding, this is a fine game. The drivers look more realistic than ever (you can even see the wrinkles on their clothing), the two-player split-screen mode (carried over from Road Rash 2) has a smoother frame rate, and the police now come in three types of vehicles: motorcycles, cars, and helicopters.
Collect weapons and use them to knock your opponents of their cycles! Take your pick from 15 different bikes, and then earn cash to upgrade your parts. You can even turn your friends in to the repo guy to help save yourself from defeat. There are seven weapons working for and against you throughout the game, including mace, chains, and nunchakus. You'll even have a police force after you that's hell-bent on stopping your progress. Race through the expanses of seven countries, including: the UK, Kenya, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, and Brazil. Are you tough enough to take this kind of heat? You'll find out…
The music doesn't rock as hard as it does in the original game, but it is pleasingly funky, and the roar of the motorcycle engines is very satisfying, especially with the music turned off. One of the more interesting changes to the game is the ability to knock specific riders off their bikes in order to waive traffic tickets or repair fees.
In short, Road Rash 3 is an enjoyable sequel.


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Road Rash 3 features:
  • Seven countries worth of play.
  • 15 vehicles.
  • Seven weapons.
  • A nasty police force.
  • Two-player action.
FOR OLD PC's  or P3

Road Rash 3 system requirements:SystemP-200.
Systems: Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP.
Game modes: Road Rash 3 supports single modeSingle game mode Road Rash 3 supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (HotSeat)

Just 1.69 MB


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