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After My previous Post Ready Hindi Movie 2011 Full Download I am Back with a new Highly Comresed Game X MEN - The Official game - Repack (200Mb Only) PC Game highly Compressed

X-Men: The Official Game is officially a lame action-game cash-in on the upcoming movie.

The Good

  • Three unique, playable X-Men  
  • Some key celebrity voice talent  
  • A few nice visual touches. 

    The Bad

    • Brain-dead beat-'em-up gameplay with no enjoyable combos or special moves  
    • Lousy cutscene work  
    • Disjointed, poorly presented storyline  
    • A number of irritating bugs and glitches. 
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    * Control Wolverine, Ice Man, and Nightcrawler throughout the game
    * Evolve and upgrade your special mutant powers and abilities as you progress with the Mutant Evolution System
    * Battle enemies such as the Brotherhood of Mutants and more from both the feature films and the comics
    * Features some of the movie's cast, including Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman
    * Game actually provides a key part of the overarching movie plot, with an ending that actually sets you up for the beginning of the film

    Critic Scores

    • IGN                                 5.7 / 10
    • Worth Playing                 8 / 10
    • VideoGamer                    3 / 10
    • 1UP                                  5 / 10
    • Game Chronicles            7.8 / 10
    • GameZone                       8.8 / 10
    • GamingExcellence           5.9 / 10
    • PC Gameworld                54 / 100
    • GameSpot                        5.6 / 10

     Download Links

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