Limbo is a puzzle adventure game excellence developed by independent game makers in Denmark. The game was released exclusively for Xbox in July on year from April 2011 2010.Ke game was released for other platforms.
Limbo's graphics are completely original 2D image, tone color schemes in the game mostly in black and white, the visuals and sound make the game an incredible atmosphere, but full of art .
Game Play

In the game you will play an unnamed boy looking for his sister, you can also control the boy to the left or right screen, climb the ladder, or pushing objects roadblock. During the journey there will be many pitfalls in the game, he may be eating bears, giant spiders, worms will enter the boy's brain so you have to control the direction that the flood game worms are killed

The second part of the game involve much mechanical pitfalls. As machinery and electromagnetic, gravity and the traps are placed secretly to kill him, if that happens the player must play from the memory of the game. Traps like this is always a challenge in the game and force you to overcome them

Achievements and awards

Before the release date, Limbo has been holding two awards for technical thuonng and excellent graphics. At the festival in 2010 Indie game Limbo has quickly become the focal point when received numerous honors from the game's leading web reviews as Gamespot, ING for "Best Downloadable Game", "Best of Show", "Best Puzzle Game "....

After release, Limbo was named the best puzzle game in 2010, so in two weeks on Xbox Live Arcade, with over 244,000 players Limbo leaderboards. In the first 300,000 copies of the game have been sold and the increase in the next months. 2010 Limbo is one of three games for the biggest sales of the Xbox Live Arcade with 7.5 million. Limbo really conquered the game in 2D puzzle game genre in general and in particular the Indie game, game is also a driving force for independent game makers (Indie Game) continues to grow


• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 2 GHz
• 512 MB RAM

Notes:- disable antivirus when intalling.

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