Developer: Black Rock Studio
publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
genre: racing
platform: PC / Windows
play modes: single / multiplayer
multiplayer: Internet
game language: English
age requirements: everyone | media: 1 DVD

This is a racing game is relatively strange style in the context of other games are being driven towards simulation. In the Split / Second: Velocity, players will not need to worry about the actual, physical effects. They would not be interested in going to use any tires or selected components complex machinery.

Instead, Split / Second: Velocity direction the player to play a very wild, surreal and fun. Players will only need to pay attention to the completion of the test on the track and on target ... intact. This is a bold racing arcade game and just relax for now.

Placed under the context of a reality TV show, players will be playing a game participant with the goal of victory and survival. The race in Split / Second: Velocity characterized crazy speed and violence with crazy speed monitor speed, the train drew fierce clash with the car very shiny.

Not just a racing game, Split / Second: Velocity is characterized fighting ability to activate special abilities during play to destroy opponents or extend the useful shortcuts. It is a combination of eye-catching photo of Fast and Furious series and the screen close to the action style of the Death Race. We can say that Split / Second: Velocity is a little crossroads in the village who had set foot racing game. The ability to destroy the environment in the game is quite impressive, if not that this is the most important factor in the gameplay.

Some other racing game also works, but players can tone and make it into the vehicle impacted. But in Split / Second: Velocity, gamers even enough to change most of the race after the clash with his intent. So, each race is a completely different experience and strategies can be devised and natural ten thousand pictures.

When performing a drift or movement difficult as the air, players will receive points accumulated. That way they can hit the big obstacles right in front of the enemy vehicles, blasted at a ramp or demolish a bridge to prevent the opponent to the finish.

Graphics of the Split / Second: Velocity nice sleek style, bright and vibrant. The parameters on the screen is quite simple and so players can focus up to the race. The landscape around the car are also quite detailed and no less bright than the race car.

The game has quite a variety of tracks and different cars. Many types of terrain such as airports, urban or industrial areas appear. Number of vehicles that do not like Gran Turismo 5, but also no shortage of choices of kinds from the super-expensive cars to large trucks. Each different type of car not only looks but also has distinct advantages.

A game like Split / Second: Velocity can not be considered complete without a multiplayer section. The game will support split-screen mode and play online. One such race online up to 8 people to join and promises to be the clash drew fierce fire-screen in a game environment unpredictable fluctuations.

suggested system requirements:
Core 2 Duo 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, graphic card 512 MB (GeForce 8800 or better), 6.5 GB HDD, Windows XP/Vista/7.


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